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I have 3 years of teaching experience, and have taught a variety of courses at California State University, San Bernardino, as well as at the University of Michigan. Teaching materials and teaching evaluations available upon request. 


PSCI 203: Introduction to American Government

California State University, San Bernardino


This course introduces students to the structure of the United States government, and introduces them to the processes of the American governmental system. 

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POLSCI 315: Media and Public Opinion

University of Michigan


This course concerns the effects of the media on the opinions, beliefs, and choices of citizens. We consider news coverage, political ads, debates, Internet usage, and more personal forms of communication. Our primary focus is American politics.


POLSCI 312: Persuasive Politics: Voters, Campaigns, and Communication Strategies

University of Michigan


In this course, students study current research on persuasion as well as current research on campaigns. Each student participates in the design of a persuasion campaign. Throughout the academic term, we discuss how to design the campaign. In the last two weeks of the class, every student presents for the entire class. 

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